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The National Institute of Health: Position on Alzheimer's Prevention

  • As you may have read in the general press, the NIH recently assembled a panel of experts to review the scientific evidence on various Alzheimer's prevention strategies. Given the rapid advance of science and the keen public interest in this topic, the review was both timely and important.

    Unfortunately, the panel's findings were somewhat mischaracterized by many media reports that tended to emphasize a “lack of proof” rather than “meaningful association”. As such, much of the coverage was written with a tone of unwarranted hopelessness about managing risks and forestalling disease onset.

    In reality, the evidence from around the world is building in support of a proactive approach toward maintaining brain health through diet, exercise and socialization. In addition, our understanding is also improving with regard to the underlying disease mechanisms that cause Alzheimer’s. With these advances, the case for optimism is gaining strength on a daily basis.