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The first step toward brain vitality is to know the status of your brain health and identify risk factors for cognitive impairment. Self-assessments are the easy ways to start and will help you to decide on the next steps. Combined with the program's objective Memory Assessment Service, you can start monitoring your brain health proactively.

Memory Self-Assessment

The Memory Screen is a 5-minute self-assessment to gather information about how well you perceive your memory to be working. Your responses to a series of questions are carefully analyzed to determine the nature of any concerns you might have. Since a slowing of word and name recall is common as we age, the Memory Screen can help separate less worrisome signs of decline from others that should be looked into more carefully.

Depression Self-Assessment

The Depression Screen is a 5-minute self-assessment to determine whether or not depression might be impairing the health of your brain. For many, the symptoms of depression progress very slowly and it can take hold without a clear moment of onset. Also depression, if not treated, can cause memory problem. The Depression Screen effectively identifies individuals who would benefit from speaking further with healthcare professionals.

Risk Factor Identification

The Risk Factor Identification is a 10-minute questionnaire that identifies individual risks for cognitive impairment. Based on the user's responses, it generates a customized report on preventative strategies for managing those risks. The program draws upon twenty years of Medical Journal publications and uses the principles of "Evidence Based Medicine" to separate scientific facts from commercially driven messages in the popular press.

Assess Now

Memory Assessment Service

The Vital Brain Program offers comprehensive memory assessment services* to our community members. The assessment will help you to objectively establish your baseline, so that you can monitor changes in your brain health going forward. The 45-minute assessment is combined with personalized education about cognitive health, referrals (as needed) to community services, and access to healthcare resources if necessary.

The assessment is 100% confidential in nature, and the result will not be shared with anyone unless participants request to do so. To schedule an assessment at any of the following locations please call us at 949-764-6288:

Hoag Hospital
- Newport Beach

Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute
3900 West Coast Highway, 3rd Floor
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Melinda Hoag Smith
Center for Healthy Living

307 Placentia Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Hoag Health Center
- Irvine

Hoag Health Center
16405 Sand Canyon, Suite 260
Irvine, CA 92618
Senior Center in Central Park
- Huntington Beach

18041 Goldenwest Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Oasis Senior Center
- Corona Del Mar

801 Narcissus Avenue
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

* This service is generously subsidized by Hoag Neuroscience Institute and is offered at a cost of $45. It takes about 45 minutes.