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The Orange County Vital Brain Program is a community-wide effort to raise education levels, encourage risk factor management, facilitate timely intervention against cognitive impairment, and to generally improve standards of care in the field of cognitive health.

The Vital Brain Program includes:

For Physicians

  • An online information portal serving the Orange County's physicians
  • A series of CME seminars to update knowledge about managing cognitive vitality in primary care settings
  • A physician support program to implement the highest standards of care in cognitive assessment and treatment
  • Online resources for physicians managing patients with cognitive impairment
  • A Specialist Referral Panel to support community physicians with challenging patient cases

For the Public

  • An online information portal serving as the program's hub.
  • A series of educational seminars offered for free to the public.
  • Online resources for the public to identify, track, and reduce ADRD risk factors that threaten their cognitive health.
  • A community memory assessment and monitoring program for interested persons.
  • Full-time professional resources to counsel the public about ADRD risk reduction, early detection, diagnosis and treatment.
  • A referral service for directing the public to medical and community resources as needed.

A key element of the Orange County Vital Brain Program is the coordination of community resources for optimal benefit. To that extent, we are working closely with these established organizations in the field.

Alzheimer's Family Services Center

Alzheimer's Family Services Center, affiliated with the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, is an independent non-profit agency committed to improving quality of life for the families challenged by Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia through services tailored to meet individual needs. As the only Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Center in Orange County, the agency fulfills its mission through a continuum of direct care, caregiver support, and education services.

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Council on Aging Orange County

For more than 35 years, the Council on Aging - Orange County has provided services, education and support for older adults, their family caregiver, and professionals. Managing the aging process can be a complex and emotional journey. From help with Medicare questions to protecting the rights of nursing home residents, the Council on Aging - Orange County is here to help you make the right choices.

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