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  • About These Guidelines

    There are many ways to participate in this program. Your participation through any of the following methods will raise awareness about the program in our community and help to ensure that we accomplish the program's mission - maintaining the cognitive vitality of Orange County's residents.

    Because managing cognitive health in a primary care setting requires early intervention against all conditions that impair cognition, these guidelines cover a broad spectrum of physician behavior and decision-making. All recommendations herein are founded on published research in the fields of patient education, risk factors that affect cognitive health, medical practice management and logistics, cognitive assessment tools and methods, diagnosing medical conditions that impair cognition, and treating medical conditions that impair cognition.

    Best practices were gleaned from the medical literature and reviewed by the Vital Brain Aging Expert Panel Physicians to finalize the guidelines.

Vital Brain Aging Clinical Path Overview



    Patients who are educated and aware of risk factors for cognitive decline, are more likely to proactively manage their cognitive health.

  • Assess

    The guidelines will help you offer the highest standards of care within an economically viable model.

  • The Methods

    There are 3 pathways for having your patients assessed for cognitive deficits.

  • Diagnosis

    Was cognitive impairment objectively identified in the assessment process?

  • Treatment

    Important to treat all underlying medical conditions that are causing the cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer's disease.