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The medical community plays a key role in the Vital Brain program.

Become a Participating Physician

The most direct form of involvement with the Vital Brain program is to become a "Participating Physician" by formally enrolling. Enrolled physicians will be listed in the Vital Brain publicly searchable database of care providers who adhere to high standards for managing cognitive health. The participating physicians may also draw on free, Vital Brain educational materials for their patients.

Other Ways to Participate

In addition to enrolling, there are many other ways to participate in, or contribute to, the Vital Brain program:

  • Attending program sponsored CME and updating your medical expertise in the fields of aging and cognition.
  • Sharing educational materials with your patients about risk factors that threaten their cognitive vitality.
  • Directing your patients and their families to appropriate community resources as needed.
  • Adopting higher standards of care with regards to the proactive assessment of your patients' cognitive health.


The medical community plays a key role in the success of the Vital Brain program and participating physicians will be supported with educational resources and comprehensive program coordination. Following are the benefits to participating physicians and their expected commitment:

Benefits to Participating Physicians

  • Will have access to Vital Brain guidelines enabling high standards of care for your patients.
  • Will be identified as "Participating Physician" in the Vital Brain publicly searchable database and eligible to receive self-referred patients as well as referrals from Vital Brain program's education coordinator.
  • Will receive direct notification and invitations to Vital Brain CME events, lecture series, and conference participation.
  • Will benefit from direct feedback about the progress and efficacy of the Vital Brain program. Data will be collected and analyzed throughout the program and provided in report form to Vital Brain participating physicians.

Expected Commitment from Participating Physicians

  • Will be familiar with Vital Brain program mission and participating community organizations so as to advise patients about community resources as appropriate (see Resources).
  • Will participate in Vital Brain CME as possible and necessary.
  • Will accept referred patients when medically prudent and logistically feasible.
  • Will be familiar with Vital Brain guidelines on "Managing Cognitive Vitality in a Primary Care Setting."


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